Social Media Content

Who’s responsible for your organization’s social media posts?  A college intern?  The new kid in marketing?  Nobody?

CRNY provides social media content which is consistently on-strategy, in-brand, and on schedule.  Engage CRNY for your social media postings and you won’t have to worry about who’s taking care of tomorrow’s Facebook post, Twitter tweet, or LinkedIn comment.  We’ll handle it for you.

We help you both formulate your social media strategy and implement it.  We develop distinct voices for your organization on each social media platform – Tweets aren’t repurposed on LinkedIn, for example, because we’ll use a different voice for each platform.

We’ll develop a communications calendar so you’ll know what’s coming up.  And we’ll think of innovative ways to engage your audience.

Your temporary interns might do a great job, but when you’re ready for a longer-term solution, call us.  We may be social media savvy, but we’ll be happy to pick up the phone.